Student’s Testimonial


Stevanie Salim, Secondary 4 – 2013/2014

“I couldn’t have spent the last 10 years of my life in a better place than in Sekolah
Bina Persada. I love the close relationship that develops between the teachers and
students.  Everyone in SBP are so friendly especially the teachers.  They have always
put us first before themselves even if it means they would have to sacrifice their time
after school or even on weekends. It is also very clear that they really care and also
really want us to succeed in our studies.
Academically, SBP might not be the easiest school to go to but I guarantee you that you
wouldn’t regret graduating from there.  They might push us to the limit but nothing means
more than achieving good grades. I was able to graduate from SBP with good grades
allowing me to get accepted to the University of my choice. I wasn’t just able to get
accepted in any uni but also at one of the best universities in the group of 8 in
Australia. SBP had successfully allowed me to achieve my dreams and I couldn’t
be happier. I have grown to love the school and I would encourage anyone to come
here. I can almost guarantee you that you will love it here just as much as I did.”


Sabila Daariin Pane, Secondary 4 – 2013/2014

“I have been in SBP ever since it first opened in 2004. For the next 10 years, my class is
the pioneering batch, so that means that we get to set the academic standards for our
juniors. It is a lot of work, but I gained a very meaningful experience from my time in
SBP: to get to the top, you must work twice as hard as you have ever did. I am glad and
I did not regret anything. SBP has taught me a lot of things. It has taught me to cherish
friends because they are rare. It has taught me to value knowledge and to never abuse
it for it has the power to affect other people’s lives in ways we may not realise.
It has taught me that time is precious so it should not be wasted. Be productive.
Make the right decisions to get one step closer to your dreams. I would not trade
my experience in SBP for anything in this world. So, thank you. For teaching lessons
that would not have been able to be taught in class, for providing me with the
motivation and support to pursue a brighter future and for moulding me into the
individual I am today; vibrant and full of spirit.”