Principal’s Message

Mr. Charles Lim – School Principal

There is an old African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. Raising a child is not just about providing food and shelter alone; raising a child is also about providing education, building character, developing life-skills, etc.  This is not just the work of the parents; this is not just the work of the school. This is the work of the village, the parents, the school and the various community partners.

I am grateful to the parents for their close working relationship with the school. Some parents choose to work with us in a visible way. They initiated and organized the Teachers Appreciation Lunch. They participated enthusiastically in our teachers-parents matches, the latest being the SBP Fun Run. They donated generously to the SBP Got Talent Charity show. Some parents choose to work with us by providing advice, suggestions and feedback. Other parents choose to work with us in a quiet way.  Parents, because of your diverse but close working relationship with the school, SBP is able to give our best in ‘raising’ every single child, providing them with quality education. The school has grown and continues to grow because of you.

I am grateful to the community partners for their supportive working relationship with the school. As part of our holistic education, we have launched a Boys Club and a Girls Club programme, an extension to our existing Value Programme. Every programme in these clubs was carefully crafted to develop a particular life-skill in the child in a fun way. These were made possible with the support from our community partners, our club coaches, our enrichment instructors, our sponsors, etc.  We had also brought the students beyond Indonesia to Melbourne and Singapore. The students’ experiences were enriched because of partners from the King David School (Melbourne), the Monash University, the Trinity College (Melbourne) and Yishun Town Secondary School (Singapore).

I am grateful to the teachers for their tireless zeal and energy in supporting all the different school programmes. Because of their commitment, the students continued to do well academically in ICAS, SASMO, IMO, National Spelling Bee, HSK/YCT, etc. Just before the publishing of this yearbook, we were informed that SBP was ranked 2nd among 200 schools in Cimahi in the 2015 SMP UN examination result. Because of their passion, the non-core subject teachers had increased the number of after-school activities to provide a more rounded learning experience to the students, beyond the academics in the area of the sports, the arts and the aesthetics. I am blessed to have a team of committed and passionate teachers who strive to provide the best education they know how, to the students under their charge.

It takes a whole village to raise a child. I am glad to have a strong village here that works together to raise every single student in SBP!