Outdoor Adventure

P6 Hiking (Tahura) Oct 2017

  • "You must go on adventures to find where you truly belong."
  • "We foster closer friendship along this hiking trip."
  • "Let us observe these animals."

P5 Outdoor Cycling (Dusun Bambu) Oct 2017

  • "On Saturday morning, we don't snuggle, we wake up early, grab our bags and go on a Biking Adventure"
  • "While we wait for our cycling turn, lets have some freeze B game."
  • "Besides cycling, wow we have outdoor shooting. Experiential learning is what we need."

Secondary Leadership Adventure Camp (Grafika Cikole) Sept 2017

  • "Outdoor cooking - we need survival skill. Fun! Fun! Fun!
  • "The cool gals, we just finished our paintball game."
  • "Stretching and get some good fresh air. Leadership needs fitness!"

Secondary 1 Outdoor Adventure (Wall Climbing) Feb 2017

  • "It's not all about academic in SBP. We have to develop all skills."

Secondary 2 Outdoor Adventure (Treetop Outward Bound) Feb 2017

  • "Warming up for outbound!"