External Learning Trips & Field Trips

“Learning beyond the pages of the books!”

P4 ELT – Studio 181 – Ceramics Making

  • How Things Are Made?
  • Lesson: Writing Instructions For a more effective writing, P4 students went on an External Learning Trip to Studio 181 and did Artworks using ceramics.
  • In this activity, they learnt to follow instructions to get the desired result.

P6 ELT – Saguling Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • How do we get our electricity?
  • Lesson: Electricity A trip to Saguling Power Plant gave a concrete picture how water power can be generated to produce electricity.

P3 ELT – Bandung Zoo

  • "Close Encounter with Animals"
  • Lesson: Animal Classification Looking at the picture is one thing. Looking and touching them is an entirely different thing.
  • "Observation connect the dots to understanding."

SBP JC External Learning Trip

  • Talk session @ Westin Hotel : Transition from school to work and University. The Challenges facing young people in the modern world by University of Melbourne.
  • JC students Exposure to Franchise Expo @ Jakarta Convention Center.
  • JC students Exposure to Franchise Expo @ Jakarta Convention Center.

P3 English ELT – Maranatha Library

  • "Linking the English textbook topic to the actual hands on experiential learning."
  • "Learning beyond the walls of the classroom."

Sec 2 ELT – Asian History at Museum Sri Baduga August 11, 2017

  • "A history lesson at the museum makes more sense to the texts written on the books."
  • "Understanding history from a different perspective."
  • "Observation of the artifacts."