Beyond the Classroom

Sports and Adventure

At SBP, besides the regular Physical Education lessons, students are required to do outdoor adventure sports starting from Primary 5 right up to Junior College level.





 The Arts

In SBP, we believe that The Arts bring colours and taste to the world. We encourage our students to explore, innovate and expand their creativity through Music, Arts and Crafts and Culinary Arts beyond the walls of their classrooms.



External Learning Trips

Learning should not just takes place within the confinement of the school.

Our External learning trips make learning practical and hands on. This allows students to make more sense in their learning journey hence to produce a better outcome.


Value Programs (Secondary)

The value program is structured for our secondary section. Students learn life skills and these skills are developed in preparation for their future.


Girls Club


To educate, equip and empower young girls as they undergo transition from pre-teens to adolescent stage by re-inforcing core values. It also aims to help them resist negative social pressure, enhance self-esteem and self-image.


  • To nurture a society where our girls embrace growth and change in reaching their full potential by achieving their goals and pursue their life long dreams.
  • To witness growing girls becoming the women they are uniquely designed to be and to develop them holistically in their spiritual, emotional, social and physical being.

Boys Club


To enable young boys to reach their full potential as responsible citizens through education, recreation, and other positive community experiences.


To educate, equip and empower young boys as they undergo transition from pre-teens to adolescent stage by re-inforcing core values that assures success is within reach of every young boy with a plan for the future, demonstrating good character and citizenship and living a healthy lifestyle.